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Supporting our clients’ careers on and off the pitch.

Murdock Sports Group is one of the UK’s leading independent sports management agencies. Established in 2011, the company offers an informed and personal approach to client representation. Our specialised, experienced team fully understands the professional sport person’s journey – this crucial depth of insight differentiates us from many of our competitors. By combining expert knowledge and wide-ranging connections, we deliver an exceptional service, unmatched in the industry today.


At Murdock SG we work closely with our clients in all aspects of their careers. From signing your first professional contract or negotiating your biggest transfer to sourcing and maximising commercial opportunities, we are totally committed to helping you make the most from your career.

  • Contracts
  • Commercial and endorsements
  • Media and PR
  • Legal, accountancy, financial services
  • Career development/mentorship

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The guys at MurdockSG have navigated my senior career with creativity and class. They know football and business, so they’ve really added value to my contracts.
Jonny Evans
Leicester City FC
Their solid reputation for guiding young players from club academy level to Premier League holds true for me - they really helped me make the jump.
Scott McTominay
Manchester United FC
MurdockSG are honest and professional helping me in my transfer back to the Premier League from the MLS. I was impressed with their integrity and will continue to work with MSG in my coaching career.
Shaun Maloney
Assistant coach, Belgium